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  The Senior Procurement Specialist will manage, execute and coordinate tasks related to the procurement of goods & services, and assure that all procurement activities are performed in a fully professional, transparent, and ethical manner, and in line with procurement regulations.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Provide purchasing and procurement to the Morouj that are consistent with corporate policies and processes and local government trade regulations and include the purchase of products such as row material , packaging material, equipment and services, corporate uniforms and stationery etc .
  •  Support execution of tendering policies and procedures to ensure consistency across the business.
  • Maintain accurate purchasing records that will create an easy to follow audit trail and make regular price comparisons on price, delivery times, quality and risk to improve efficiency and make recommendations for organizations to be added to or removed from Morouj .
  • Reviews and modifies, as needed, specifications, purchase orders, contracts, change orders and related documents;
  • Establish relationships and contact details of suppliers, vendors and contractors in the Sudan market.
  •  Expedite the audit process to ensure that tendering and procurement activities are consistent and conducted within the parameters of the Morouj written procedures.
  • Negotiate, manage and sustain best price quality deals with suppliers.
  • Expedite and liaise the order management process with finance for payment, and suppliers and warehousing for the receipt of goods.
  • Provide cross-departmental purchasing, tendering and general procurement advice to ensure consistency and quality of service delivery levels and customer satisfaction.
  •  Undertake professional networking, establishing and maintaining effective relationships with key stakeholders e.g. Government departments, third party suppliers, etc.
  • Contribute appropriately to development of purchase and procurement planning process, providing input to procurement and tendering implications of proposed business change/growth 
  • Receives and processes procurement requests from departmental heads


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Relevant Professional business qualification is essential.
  • Minimum 3 years’ previous experience in purchasing, logistics, warehouse or any relevant role.
  • Experience in developing business processes, SLA’s, KPI’s and business rules.
  • Experience of local and international clearance regulations is mandatory.
  •  Experience of handling, storing and reporting on perishable goods is mandatory.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Working knowledge or background in Procurement and buying services.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (including Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Teams) required.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience with automated purchasing systems, i.e. ERP software system.
  • Knowledge of purchase and procurement plans.
  • Knowledge of local country tendering legislation .
  • Knowledge of purchasing and procurement policy, procedures and processes is mandatory.
  • In-depth knowledge of warehousing and stock management is mandatory.
  • In-depth understanding of the Sudan market and MOROUJ business strategy, goals and competitive environment.
  • Relevant IT understanding.

Typical Performance Measure:

  • Quality of Team Contribution.
  • Quality of purchase support.
  • Adherence to company policies.
  • Quality of accuracy of purchase management.
  • Quality and timeliness of service.
  • Quality of purchase service.



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