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Bail Supervisor

About Qatar Charity:

Qatar Charity is an international non-governmental organization that has been working in the field of development and humanitarian aid since 1992, in accordance with the laws regulating the non-profit sector in the State of Qatar. Qatar Charity was established as an institutional expression of a civil will that derives its foundations from the values, principles and cultural and civilizational heritage of the Qatari society in order to do good and participate in the series of international solidarity effectively and efficiently in addressing the most important humanitarian and development challenges faced by poor and needy peoples across the world, as at the forefront of these priorities was helping children victims of crises and disasters,Before Qatar Charity expanded its fields of work to include various humanitarian and development sectors. Qatar Charity has spent more than $1.2 billion on humanitarian and development work over the past five years, benefiting more than 29 million people around the world in various humanitarian and development fields such as education, health, water and sanitation, food, economic empowerment, childhood, social care and harmony. social.

In its work, Qatar Charity is subject to the laws and rules regulating charitable work in the State of Qatar, such as Law No. (15) of 2014 regarding the regulation of charitable activities, and Emiri Resolution No. (43) of 2014 establishing the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities.

Qatar Charity is also an advisory member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Humanitarian Standards Alliance (CHS Alliance) and the START NETWORK.

the details:

  • Job Title: Bail Supervisor
  • Department: /Unit Social Welfare
  • Employer: Qatar Charity, Sudan office
  • Place of work: Khartoum – Gezira – White Nile – East Darfur – Port Sudan – River Nile (Atbara,
    Al-Damer) – Blue Nile (Damazin) – Sennar
  • Closing date: 14 Dec 2022

The main purpose of the job:

Follow-up and direct supervision of providing material and moral support to the sponsored in order to contribute to improving his conditions
Based on the principle of comprehensive sponsorship and pursuant to the concept of the participatory approach, and in accordance with systems and standards
humanitarian and developmental practices in this field.

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Compliance with all applicable policies, systems and procedures in Qatar Charity.
  2. Understanding the social, cultural, political and economic reality of the society in which he works, and making sure to Respect his customs, traditions and customs.
  3. Preparing case studies according to the social research methodology based on the directions of the social care official.
  4. Submitting a case study to the Social Welfare Officer, and providing him, when needed, with additional information about The cases studied.
  5. Follow up the preparation of case files according to the lists of documents required by the association, and ensure accuracy and validity The validity of all submitted documents.
  6. Preserving the confidentiality of the information related to the cases he studies, and fully committing not to use this Information only within the strictly professional limits assigned to it.
  7. Preparing and implementing the periodic work plan (weekly, monthly) under the supervision of the Social Welfare Officer.
  8. Supervising the provision of the required services for the benefit of the beneficiaries who fall within the scope of his supervision According to the general framework of social supervision followed by Qatar Charity, and according to the approved time plan
  9. Supervising the beneficiaries receiving their allocations directly on time and the specified amounts Receipt statements and submitted by the Social Welfare Officer for approval.
  10. 10. Communicate with the various concerned authorities in the guarantees supervisor’s work area to serve the provision of prescribed services to the beneficiaries he supervises.
  11. Carrying out a follow-up home visit for the sponsored persons who live within the scope of his supervision at least once a year.
  12. Preparing individual reports for beneficiaries according to categories and according to the approved periodicity to complete these reports, and make sure Ensure that all data contained in the reports is current and accurate.
  13. Facilitate communication with or access to beneficiaries, whether for follow-up, monitoring or evaluation purposes.
  14. Preparing quarterly achievement reports to list the various achievements that have been undertaken to provide services for the various groups it supervises.
  15. Provide the necessary information about the beneficiaries he supervises upon request, whether from the office or from the office headquarters.
  16. Supervising the implementation of activities and services for the sponsored in cooperation with the activities and guarantees supervisors.
  17. Report any problem that may hinder the progress of work and initiate proposals for appropriate solutions to it
    Good time.
  18. What is required of the sponsorship supervisor of additional activities and tasks.

Job objectives:

  • Careful follow-up of the sponsored, identifying their needs and contributing to meeting them.
  • Contribute to preserving, archiving and updating the data of the sponsored and facilitating access to and managing their data in a manner professional.
  • Enhancing Qatar Charity’s coordinating and participatory relationship with the local community.
  • Enhancing the integration of the various services provided to the sponsored.

Academic qualifications and professional certificates:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Social Science Sociology Counseling Psychology)
  • At least three to five years of experience working in social work programs and field work with the community and with non-governmental organizations.

How to apply:

Those wishing to apply should communicate through the commissioner or send the documents to the e-mail: [email protected]

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