Jobs Savola 

Jobs Savola 

Jobs Savola 

1- Distribution Supervisor Tebessa
2- Quality Assurance Manager
3- Savola Manufacturing Excellence Manager
4- Utility Technician
5- Quality Control Micro Analyst

1- Distribution Supervisor Tebessa

Job Purpose

– Represent the company nearby the distributor
– Ensures that the distributor adopts the company’s system, strategies and action plans
– Achieve volume / distribution / visibility and promotion objectives
– Develop the skills of the sales force through training, motivation and coaching

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

• University – Bac +2 / Bachelor’s degree in Commercial science –Economics –Management.
• Experience of at least 02 years in the food industry.
• Mastering the IT tool: Microsoft
• Having previously held a similar position
• Fluency in languages: French, English
• Residing in the Wilaya of Tébessa

2- Quality Assurance Manager

Supervision of Subordinates

Organize and supervise the activities and work with team of subordinates to ensure that all work within a specific area of Quality Assurance activities is carried out in an efficient and procedurally compliant manner.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

Implement approved departmental policies, processes, procedures and instructions to subordinates and monitor their adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner.

Day-To-Day Operations

Supervises the day-to-day operations of Quality Assurance to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes and procedures.

Specific Accountabilities:

Prepare quality manuals, ensure availability of all relevant procedures and update specs of all raw & packaging materials as well update finished products specs in internal & external parameters.
Ensures the sustainability of Quality, Environments & Food Safety management systems by audit and follow-up of all activities related to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 & BRC Standards and assure the validity of certificates.
Coordinate and conduct internal audits, management review meetings, food safety management meetings and follow-up and closing of corrective and preventive actions.
Conduct monthly quality and food safety compliance scoring audits to potential sections.
Conduct audits to Regional FG Warehouses & Depots to ensure good warehousing practices.
Market visit to observe products quality and conducts QDI for local, regional and gulf.
Register & handle all customer complaints related to products. This includes the necessary investigation, analysis, technical reporting of findings, follow-up actions & case closing.
Conduct customer visits as & when required to address customers’ requirements related to products. Provide customers the relevant specs and legal supports.
Follow-up, coordinate & attend customer audits. Arrange customers required certifications.
Manage RMS Systems. Evaluate materials from new suppliers by organizing the necessary trial and report the technical outcomes of the evaluation against AIC standard specifications.
Evaluate supplier performance. Conduct audit to potential supplier’s sites review their operations and technical capacity and their quality assurance systems.

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree.
Language: Arabic and English.
Experience: Minimum 8 years’ relevant experience in food industery.

3- Savola Manufacturing Excellence Manager

Supervision of Subordinates

Organize and supervise the activities and work of a small team of subordinates to ensure that all work within a specific area of TPM activity is carried out in an efficient and procedurally compliant manner.

Policies, Systems, Processes, & Procedures

Manage TPM policy and direct the implementation of procedures and controls covering all areas of TPM activity so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering quality, cost-effective services.

Day-To-Day Operations

Lead TPM day-to-day operations to ensure that work, task & processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes and procedures.
Manage TPM awareness activities including training & other communications to ensure all employees, contractors & non-company personnel operating on AIC site are aware of TPM standards to sustain effectiveness & continuous improvement.
Lead TPM steering committee meetings & manage fulfilling actions on-time and in full.
Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of TPM system, processes and practices through TPM world class manufacturing (WCM) best practices to maximize profitability and productivity.
Manage the preparation of required timely & accurate reports (including TPM KPI’s report) and reliable documentation of TPM to meet AIC & department’s requirements, policies & standards.
Lead proper communication methods to ensure that all company employees are aware & updated about TPM program aspects.

Standards & Regulations

Manage all TPM standards compliance audits and inspections for an effective implementation of JIPM standards.


Manage department’s TPM specific projects to ensure that the project cycle is completed, meeting agreed project parameters (cost budget, timelines, scope and quality), standards and objectives.

Organization Structure

Lead TPM so that resources are optimally utilized and communication can take place in an efficient manner.

Continuous Improvement

Lead identification of opportunities for TPM continuous improvement systems, processes through TPM world class manufacturing best practice.


Manage timely and accurate reports and reliable documentation of TPM to meet Savola and department requirements, policies and standards.

Health, Safety, & Environment

Ensure compliance to all relevant safety and environmental management procedures and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Related Assignments

Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Preferably in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Master’s and TPM Facilitator Certification are a plus.
Language: English & Arabic.
Skills: Microsoft & ORACLE skills.
Experience: 7 years’ relevant experience.

4- Utility Technician

any corrective maintenance on utilities units during shift
refilling chemical tank for water treatment if necessary during shift
observation operation parameter of air compressor every hours and recorded.
operation of water chillier units.
observation operation parameter of air compressor every hours and recorded.
cleaning & greases cooling water level observation and refilling if necessary.
maintain spare parts consumption at lowest level by implementing pm activities on time.
observed operation of main water pumping station and borehole.
implement daily & weekly preventive maintenance program for all utilities unit.
maintain safety procedures and housekeeping as per standard.
high school or diploma in mechanical engineering.
3 years experiences in utilities maintenance and operation.

5- Quality Control Micro Analyst

Perform microbiological tests (Standard Bacterial plate count, Coliform, E.coli, S.aureus, salmonella and yeast & molds) for raw and finished products, water and environment.
Perform bacterial plate count, yeast & molds for Environment (Air monitoring and swab) for all the plant and service areas. Also perform further identification for pathogen (Coliform, E. coli, S. aureus, salmonella) if needed.
Preparation and Sterilization of culture media and lab equipment’s, also maintain a clean and sterilize work environment.
Fallow-up dakwa production and perform all the needed inspection and analysis for plant, raw material and finished product.
Perform physical analysis for dakwa (FFA%, PV,color, viscosity and oil separation)
Aflatoxin analysis using ELISA
Perform all tasks and lab trails handed by supervisor.
If needed to support in other laboratory analysis and activities
Inventories, orders, receives materials and equipment for micro laboratory.
External analysis coordination from sample collection and preparation to receive and report the result.
Preparing reports and maintaining records and data.
Execute any additional duties instructed by his direct supervisor relative to the field of his job
Ensure to implement the HSE activities and system (including 5S) to accepted level during his/her shift

Education: Bachelor’s degree in microbiology /bio chemistry), or any relevant
Experience:1 to 2 year’s relevant experience.
Language: Arabic (Must), English (Preferred).


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